Lagrimas Negras

Hafzoo is delighted to share the promotion of an extraordinary ballet and music production titled “Lagrimas Negras,” set to premiere at the Innsbruck Winter Dance Festival in the upcoming year. This captivating performance revolves around the life of the Cuban pianist legend, Bebo Valdes, and his family, whose legacy has significantly shaped Cuba’s musical heritage over three remarkable generations. Through his story, the torn nature of this Caribbean island becomes visible. From the 1920s through the revolution led by Fidel Castro in 1959 and up to the present, the romantic and tragic story of Bebo Valdes serves as a reflection of the fate of many Cuban families. After his escape in 1961, Bebo Valdes never set foot on the island again until his death.

His late fame in old age and his recordings with Diego Cigala and son Chucho Valdes have become part of music history. The ballet production will be an evening filled with romance and melancholy, captivating choreography, and enchanting music, presented, among others, by Bebo Valdes’ grandson Cucurucho Valdes seen in trailer below. Check it out 🎶

Cucurucho Valdes plays the piano in Lagrimas Negras.