Machining with BOLT

When we were planning to shoot CNC machining beauty for Felder, it soon became clear we needed a special camera rig to cover the high-speed milling process in an aesthetically pleasing and graceful way. The Bolt camera robot moves from standstill to full high-speed motion and back to a complete stop in fractions of a second – capturing the fastest action with pinpoint accuracy. The precision robotic arm is capable of horizontal and vertical movement speeds of up to 2 metres per second, and 180-degrees of rotation in 1 second. In summary, the Bolt motion control robot can keep up with almost anything!

For safety reasons we could only have a remote controlled camera arm near the milling process, no camera-operator is allowed close, as it is truly dangerous in immediate proximity. Once the automation for the milling was set, we could then establish how to reach into the danger zone and choreograph the move with our BOLT Jr.+ It is clearly not a quick “run & gun” style of shooting, but the results of the Phantom Flex 4K in 1000fps are simply stunning. The beauty of such a precision tool, with wood chips gracefully propelled through the air ist striking. At certain stages we also copy the dance moves of our protagonist with the motion-control arm. It helps to engage in the film, makes for some dynamic camera moves and visually inspiring edits. At the end of course we hope no-one will see the technical effort that went into making the piece and viewers will simply enjoy a funky commercial, illustrating effortless synchronicity between woodworker and CNC machine. Enjoy 🤖 !


Behind the scenes video showing the setup of our BOLT Jr.+ motion control on location.

Behind the scenes video showing our protagonist woodworker popping some funky moves.