The edge obsession

When designing the story for Felder we decided to create a protagonist that can’t escape seeing edges everywhere. It is a selective vision that one adopts when facing significant purchases. We all know the feeling when considering to buy a new car, suddenly you see exactly that car model everywhere on the streets. Your vision is selective because your mind is focusing pros and cons and your subconscious is busy considering that purchase. Once the purchase is done, cars become a blur again and the focus turns normal. Just the same happens for a carpenter when considering to buy an edgebanding machine. He/ she can only see inspiring edges every- and anywhere. That’s funny and as customers we can relate to that.

More than other craftsmen, woodworkers like to touch and feel their final results and product finishes. To highlight this tactile quality seemed right, especially when communicating the perfectly finished edge which can only be tested by touching, feeling and rubbing the final result. Homing in on this message we came up with the claim “Vertraue deinem Gefühl”. It assures your instinct to chose Felder Format 4 was right, just like your touch and feel accepts nothing less than the perfectly finished edge by Format 4 edgebanding machines. We are proud to show how close our execution is to the original ideas illustrated and the storyboard presented to the client. After each production we look back at the board to see if we had to move and change things during production. Find enclosed some storyboard frames and production stills to see for yourself.


Celebrating the approaching arrival of the new machine with a cake made from edgebanding strips. This is definitely a moment for furniture makers and insiders. I’d like to point out the GlueBox™ strip on the left is a patent that Felder have developed to enable edgebanding without glue pot. Subtle, I know 😉