Being wild!

The Axamer Lizum ski resort approached us with a brief to create a campaign aiming at the large student population in and around Innsbruck/ Tyrol. The ski resort is not for beginners, it is steep and set against the spectacular backdrop of the Kalkkögel, offering a wide range of freeride routes. We proposed to come up with a story and scribbled a set of film vignettes (seen below) that would get them noticed in the student community.

Our hairy campaign concept aims at thrill-seeking students. A series of daring vignettes suggest this is a resort for hard nuts, players and the brave. We photographed the stills campaign alongside the film shoot to guarantee a cohesive look & feel for all imagery. Axamer Lizum offers over 50 freeride routes that want to be discovered, a ski resort that wants to be tamed. Bold and confident the Lizum addresses any reluctant viewer “Are you wild enough?”

Hafzoo_AxaLiz1 Hafzoo_AxaLiz2 Hafzoo_AxaLiz3 Hafzoo_AxaLiz4 Hafzoo_AxaLiz5 Hafzoo_AxaLiz6 Hafzoo_AxaLiz7 Hafzoo_AxaLiz8 Hafzoo_AxaLiz9 Hafzoo_AxaLiz10 Hafzoo_AxaLiz11 Hafzoo_AxaLiz12 Hafzoo_AxaLiz13 Hafzoo_AxaLiz14 Hafzoo_AxaLiz15 Hafzoo_AxaLiz16 Hafzoo_AxaLiz17 Hafzoo_AxaLiz18 Hafzoo_AxaLiz19 Hafzoo_AxaLiz20 Hafzoo_AxaLiz21 Hafzoo_AxaLiz22 Hafzoo_AxaLiz23 Hafzoo_AxaLiz24 Hafzoo_AxaLiz25 Hafzoo_AxaLiz26 Hafzoo_AxaLiz27 Hafzoo_AxaLiz28 Hafzoo_AxaLiz29 Hafzoo_AxaLiz30 Hafzoo_AxaLiz31 Hafzoo_AxaLiz32 Hafzoo_AxaLiz33 Hafzoo_AxaLiz34 Hafzoo_AxaLiz35 Hafzoo_AxaLiz36 Hafzoo_AxaLiz37 Hafzoo_AxaLiz38 Hafzoo_AxaLiz39 Hafzoo_AxaLiz40