Head in freezer

For a number of years already the tourism area of Stubai, decided to focus on communicating the substantial amount of all natural snow pistes in their resort. Particularly because the area features a glacier resort with altitudes up to 3200m, guaranteeing natural snow almost throughout the year. Our job was to create humorous vignettes, that show people desperately looking for a snow experience in their urban environments. When staging the “Head in Freezer!” scene we soon realised that we had to build a stylised snowy landscape as a minature, allowing the protagonist to place his head inside the freezer compartment. When the feezer “open-door” alarm wakes him from his snowy moment, he knocks his head on the fridge and we realise he is only in his kitchen. For the “Stair Ski” scene we had to recruit a skilled stunt woman from Munich doubling for our actress on the staircase. Stair Skiing itself is a rather risky activity and we honestly can’t recommend it to anyone 😉 ❄️ !