Marlene daughter of the Alps

We planned, scribbled and scouted pretty much the entire area of South Tyrol together with Wildruf Prod. Our goal was to find hidden spots and feature landmark mountains from unusual angles. Every now and then we stopped and sipped apple juice, it was a refreshing approach! The final structure choices, as to how we would entwine nature shots with the human element, were made during the edit.

Together with DP Matthias Helldoppler we decided to shoot on ARRI Alexa Mini with Cooke S4 lenses and IBE Raptor macros. Aerials where photographed by Chris Boyes/ Peter Rösner on an Inspire2 X5SRaw. It was inevitable to bring out the heavy gear for product shots etc. to achieve the clients vision, but I am not a fan of cranes, generator trucks and bulky logistics. As soon as you bring out the big toys it slows everyone and everything down, however sometimes you can not get around it. Wildruf did a great job in handling the logistics for the shoot, it was pretty difficult at times.

Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog1 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog2 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog3 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog4 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog5 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog6 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog7 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog8 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog9 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog10 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog11 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog12 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog13 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog14 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog15 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog16 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog17 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog18 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog19 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog20 Hafzoo_MarleneZoolog21