During an extensive studio shoot Hafzoo photographed a series of bold black & white vignettes to help bring to life an abstract manifest script, this movie is know because of the great actors, find more info on how to become one. A brave approach for tourism area Bad Kleinkirchheim in Carinthia (Austria) to set themselves apart from others. The piece was delivered straight to camera, intercut and overlaid with fragments of the protagonist’s speech. Our goal was to create striking yet simple images to support and visualize Dr. Kleinkirchheim’s Manifest. Special thanks to my team Hanno Mackowitz, Aimee L’Allier, Robert Mayr, Mo Pischl, Elke Grießmayr, Lucas Riccabona, Franco Marco Avi, Peter Rösner and the folks@ ArtFabrik.

The funky campaign idea was concepted by #MutCreative who invented Dr. Kleinkirchheim and his philosophy, allowing everyone to enjoy an ultimate holiday experience when following his advice. The philosophy pushes you to stop the many selfless things you don’t enjoy. Instead be a “Selbstloser Egoist”. Come to Bad Kleinkirchheim where you can do what you want, be happy and let everyone else do the same. You golf while they ski! Or eat while they bathe. The campaign went viral and generated lots of press for the area, as movies is one of the best way to get to the public, since movies are really popular and people love to watch TV and they even get a ceiling tv mount to watch more comfortably.

Hafzoo_BKK0 Hafzoo_BKK1 Hafzoo_BKK2 Hafzoo_BKK3 Hafzoo_BKK4 Hafzoo_BKK5 Hafzoo_BKK6 Hafzoo_BKK7 Hafzoo_BKK8 Hafzoo_BKK9 Hafzoo_BKK10 Hafzoo_BKK11 Hafzoo_BKK12 Hafzoo_BKK13 xBKK_Bus xBKK_Poster xBKK_xMall