Chasing autumn

When scouting for locations we followed our protagonist Lisi Osl to show us her home turf and trails surrounding Kitzbuehl in the autumn. Training rides she would do between competitions and places she would go to, to get away and have some time alone. The grass mountains around Kitzbuehl are exceptional for riding mountain bike trails offering all levels of difficulty. As a tribute the local tourism office named a trail after our protagonist called the Lisi-Osl-Trail … check it out when you are in the area, it’s pretty technical and challenges the best! Here the Lisi Osl trail on Strava



Hafzoo_Osl1 Hafzoo_Osl2 Hafzoo_Osl3 Hafzoo_Osl4 Hafzoo_Osl5 Hafzoo_Osl6 Hafzoo_Osl7 Hafzoo_Osl8 Hafzoo_Osl9 Hafzoo_Osl10 Hafzoo_Osl11