Shooting Real Snow

To shoot the “real” snow scenes we travelled to Stubai glacier at an altitude of 3000m where the snow powdered and the sun was intense. There was not much power on the remote locations so all lighting was done by ¬†silks, mirrors and reflectors. For the tobogganing shots we travelled on the trailer pulled by a skidoo alongside the action so our gaffer could get on the vehicle with the reflectors. For our grey winter day interior the weather was bright and sunny so again we had to silk all natural light and mimic the warm tungston sources inside the loft – it got pretty hot at the end of the shooting day. Our cast was fantastic, the agency STMS great and the team worked a treat … we believe the film mirrors this mood.


Hafzoo Stubai1 Hafzoo Stubai2 Hafzoo Stubai3 Hafzoo Stubai4 Hafzoo Stubai5 Hafzoo Stubai6 Hafzoo Stubai7 Hafzoo Stubai8 Hafzoo Stubai9 Hafzoo Stubai10 Hafzoo Stubai11 Hafzoo Stubai12 Hafzoo Stubai13