Hafzoo boards the bus

We did some extensive casting to find a mix of characters that would work each in their environments and as a group overall. A musician traveling to work, a family on the way to a lake, hikers escaping the rain, a student en-route to town and of course our protagonist, the SmartRider. Their costumes should correspond with colours that we see in the moving landscape outside the bus, connecting them to each scene. A set for the bus interior was built without wind screens so we could work without seeing the camera, ourselves and lights in the reflection. Serious post production effort by Wildruf and Art Fabrik was invested to bring back all reflection via a special reflection cam, recording from the opposite side of the set. The Wildruf team designed a stylised polygon landscape, animated it to travel past the panoramic window and Art Fabrik added some stunning raindrops on the virtual windows – fantastic teamwork!!! All together pretty effortless when you watch the film, just how it should be.


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