Viennese Café meets Lab.

For our latest TV-Commercial we set ourselves the challenge to mix two styles which don’t normally exist together – dingy café in a bright lab. The Agency Createam wrote a script for Hansaton (a specialist in micro hearing aid) which was to be set in a typical Austrian style café. While Hansaton’s objective was to remain true to their existing style of visuals which are bright, clean and technical, the idea demanded a typical Viennese café which is dark, sometimes greasy and usually cluttered. So the challenge was clear: bring the charm of the Viennese café to the bright Hansaton laboratory.

To achieve this we drafted a list of props that made a café “Viennese” e.g. Thonet chair, marble table, sugar sprinkler, silver trays, water glasses, menu’s, waiter outfit etc. and brought the entire furniture decoration to a white, laboratory style interior. We flooded it with light and added a range of extras from granny doing crosswords to dating youngsters. The only thing left was for everyone to drink lots of coffee – the crew’s response was overwhelming.

The ad will be on-air in Austria in a couple of weeks.