Shooting in Spain

We scouted an award-winning town house in Girona (near Barcelona) to feature as “the home” for our protagonists David Millar and Dan Martin. The house was beautifully restored and offered a good amount of space for shooting. The Spanish are so good when it comes to mixing rustic and sleek interiors – total admiration to the owners Anna & Juan-Manuel for their love to detail.

To capture some breathtaking coast-cycling we filmed at El Port de la Selva, a little fishing village on the northern coast of the Cap de Creus and a nearby pass road to a monastry called Mare de Déu del Mont. When shooting with tall David Millar his moderate hight of 1.91m forced us to raise his bike with wood blocks to fit into the shot. Dan on the other hand had the pleasure to receive a few sprays of “bottled sweat”. I’ve been accused of taking pleasure from spraying cast in chilly temperatures … chaps, I am only doing my job, but I am getting better the more I practice.