Ray Fernandez production live in Havana, Cuba

January 2020: Three Austrians make their way to Havana Cuba, to produce a long desired recording session with one of Cuba’s most carismatic and prolific singer / songwirters in the legendary Egrem studios. Insurance entrepreneur and Cuba afficionado Christian Steinmayr as executive producer brought along film director Andreas Hafele and sound guru Peter Kollreider from Austria to help him realize this project. The goal is to capture the raw energy, that Ray Fernandez has been bringing to the legendary Diablo Tun Tun stage in his weekly residendy over the last 12 years, on record and film. Against all technical, medical and economic odds the recording is pushed through in an intense recording session over the course of only three days and nights.  And the results are mesmerizing. There was no room for mistakes or for backfall solutions. – Zero tolerancia!

The Location Guide, London featured this production in an article. Click below to read:

Behind the Scenes of Zero Tolerancia with Hafzoo in Cuba