Make Talks

Our new work got some brilliant feedback, great press and we started talking about our initial thoughts preparing the film, how we made it and our view on authenticity in commercials and films for advertising.

We were invited to talk at a master class for visual content at The Hospital Club in London, addressing ad-people and marketeers with our approach for authentic film content and how to get there. Thank you to the hosts at ¬†#Make_Talks for a¬†superbly organised event, plenty of drinks at the bar and many more talks to come. “Making Tracks” for Tirol Tourism was premiered to a large crowd at the international mountain-film-festival in St. Anton and Hafzoo had some fabulous write-up’s following its launch. Its great to see and feel people resonate with a film!

MakeTalks_Hafzoo_1 MakeTalks_Hafzoo_2 MakeTalks_Hafzoo_3 MakeTalks_Hafzoo_4 MakeTalks_Hafzoo_5 MakeTalks_Hafzoo_6 MakeTalks_Hafzoo_7 MakeTalks_Hafzoo_8 MakeTalks_Hafzoo_9 MakeTalks_Hafzoo_10 MakeTalks_Hafzoo_11