Filming the coast of Sweden

The Swedish coast is vast and it is hard to pick a particular spot when it comes to pairing a production with a location. One of our key points was to stay close to Stockholm to access talent which we cast in the city and to be close to the airport, so we could fly in and out of the country. Approximately one hour south of Stockholm the coast features the typical skerry, rounded rock formations, surrounded by a nature park. Since the film sets out to portrait a family story, we scouted a waterfront property that could feature as a family home with a boat house and a jetty. Additionally we had to stage a birthday surprise party, so our product, the Swarovski CL Companion binoculars could be introduced as a gift. This gift, the Companion would be shared amongst the family members to experience small adventures in various vignettes throughout the film. Both water and woodland access was easy in amongst the nature reserve and we close the narrative on a log-fire scene, featuring all family members telling the stories the experienced with the binoculars.