Chapter 1 - Spotlight



Hafzoo have experimented, slapped and grooved to deliver a commercial that would leave you intrigued.

“SlapTag” was shot for Detego to raise curiosity and awareness for the brand, a leading RFID tech. supplier for the fashion industry.

Steinmayr & Co.

Jazz it Up

Hafzoo worked with the music of Kad Achouri, a french legend in blending contemporary smooth jazz and french chanson and the international talents of the TanzCompany TLT.


In the Moment

Hafzoo filmed across the UK, Spain and Austria to produce this 1½ min film which heads Garmin’s INTERNATIONAL BRAND CAMPAIGN across Europe, Middle East and Africa.



Andreas concepted and directed “Smart Ride” together with Wildruf to bring to life a public transport App.


Article Management

“Fed up with chaos on your shop floor?” was the starting point of Detego’s campaign.


Real Snow

Hafzoo have put on their gloves to deliver a TV-commercial that shows how to impress your family this winter.


The Triathlete

After nearly 1million views of our winter-training films, Hafzoo produces this 3min film for agency Make Studio to head Garmin’s international summer-training campaign with “The Triathlete” .


1 Cent

Filmed over one very long day, Andreas tells the story of the tiny 1 Cent coin in a campaign concept by JWT.

Steinmayr & Co.

It's showtime!

Hafzoo developed and shot a film for Steinmayr&Co Insurance Brokers that illustrates their recent partnership with the TanzCompany TLT.

United Optics


Andreas enjoyed working the simplicity of this film to choose between extreme make over e.g. breast enlargement, nose job and...

Target Group Publishing

Wien Live

Our monochromatic film for Target Group Publishing shows how beautiful a colour magazine can look in black and white.


Tiger & Swan

Hafzoo produces a film for Einwaller fashion stores featuring a fusion of storytelling and textures as materials and patterns highlight the range of choice and brands available in store.



A hijack transmission from outer space!

Andreas shot this film “Alien Hafzoo Style” for agency JWT, who’s groundbreaking concept was to...


Wellness Island

Shot with Filmworks Dubai and Palma Pictures in Mallorca this film portrays an island property project to be build in the Middle East.


The Big Awakening

The world’s first active bone conduction implant – the BONEBRIDGE™ deserved a different film to your  standard medical corporate.

Hafzoo offices
Chapter 3 - About


Hafzoo is a film production company founded by director Andreas Hafele in 2010. Shooting TV-commercials for the past 10 years and winning awards in Cannes and London, Hafzoo aims to produce, creative films for advertising.

Hafele’s reputation and career allows him to assemble international creative talent such as award winning art directors, camera men, animators and graphics artists, to work on his briefs and create unique films for international agency networks as well as local businesses.


Andreas Hafele

Focusing on conceptual, humour-based work Hafele has shot films for Swarovski, Mc Donalds and Vodafone and was featured in Creative Reviews talent publication as one of the Creative Futures in Commercials Direction. His soft spot for absurd, humorous situations and use of simple memorable imagery was internationally recognised when he won the Young Directors Award in Cannes 2006 for his film The Sound of Music Television.

Dog & Bone, an episodic short film, which Andreas shot for BenQ-Siemens found acclaim in American Cinematographer Magazine, for its unconventional style and visual approach. Andreas' directing work is handled through a network of international representation.

Chapter 4 - Zoolog
Make_Studio @make_gossip 8wks

If you aim for authenticity from the outset with film content you create believable content that engages viewers @hafzoo #Make_Talk

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The RFID future

The RFID future

For everyone who doesn’t know, RFID is radio frequency identification – the future of article and shop floor management for retail stores. I had no clue as to what that means before the project, but when we started pitching ideas…

Shooting Real Snow

Shooting Real Snow

To shoot the “real” snow scenes we travelled to Stubai glacier at an altitude of 3000m where the snow powdered and the sun was intense. There was not much power on the remote locations so all lighting was done by…

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